How you can help fight cancer

The 2022 Hudson Valley Regional Open will be a premier event for Hudson Valley Weightlifting. It is also the start of our partnership with the Cancer Research Institute.

Support Our Cancer Immunotherapy Month Challenge! 

With my heavy involvement in the sport of weightlifting, I know the value of a good immune system and doing whatever I can to maximize it for performance and health. I was introduced to the Cancer Research Institute through a friend and their approach to fighting cancer immediately resonated with me. Fighting cancer through boosting the body’s own immune response makes sense to me. I love that they are delving into this scientific approach that is also organic. My father passed away a few years ago after fighting cancer for over two decades. Like almost everyone else, I have friends that are in the fight so partnering up with the Cancer Research Institute was natural for me.

Life has a funny way of shocking you and sometimes affirming your decisions. A couple of years ago, one of my athletes had to stop training to fight her own cancer. This is a strong person who was a personal trainer by trade. It was rough seeing her bound to a wheelchair, yet inspirational, in that she kept doing some form of exercise to fight to stay strong. She recently came back to start training again. I told her about my new affiliation and asked her if she’d heard of the Cancer Research Institute and immunotherapy. This was her response, “I got your email and checked out the cancer institute. I am literally being kept alive by immunotherapy. If I stop taking the pill everyday I would die. Wild! …. The research has come so far. I would have been dead if this was 25 years ago.”

What more can be said. Join me in the fight. Give what you can and spread the word. Post the flyer below and help spread the word. Thank you!