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How you can help fight cancer

The 2022 Hudson Valley Regional Open will be a premier event for Hudson Valley Weightlifting. It is also the start of our partnership with the Cancer Research Institute.

Support Our Cancer Immunotherapy Month Challenge! 

With my heavy involvement in the sport of weightlifting, I know the value of a good immune system and doing whatever I can to maximize it for performance and health. I was introduced to the Cancer Research Institute through a friend and their approach to fighting cancer immediately resonated with me. Fighting cancer through boosting the body’s own immune response makes sense to me. I love that they are delving into this scientific approach that is also organic. My father passed away a few years ago after fighting cancer for over two decades. Like almost everyone else, I have friends that are in the fight so partnering up with the Cancer Research Institute was natural for me.

Life has a funny way of shocking you and sometimes affirming your decisions. A couple of years ago, one of my athletes had to stop training to fight her own cancer. This is a strong person who was a personal trainer by trade. It was rough seeing her bound to a wheelchair, yet inspirational, in that she kept doing some form of exercise to fight to stay strong. She recently came back to start training again. I told her about my new affiliation and asked her if she’d heard of the Cancer Research Institute and immunotherapy. This was her response, “I got your email and checked out the cancer institute. I am literally being kept alive by immunotherapy. If I stop taking the pill everyday I would die. Wild! …. The research has come so far. I would have been dead if this was 25 years ago.”

What more can be said. Join me in the fight. Give what you can and spread the word. Post the flyer below and help spread the word. Thank you!

2022 Hudson Valley regional open

We are kicking it up a notch! The 2022 Hudson Valley Regional Open will be a premier event, held at the Poughkeepsie Holiday Inn on Route 9. This is also a fundraiser for the Cancer Research Institute! A portion of the funds will go to them. We are also asking for everyone to donate on top of our promised amount.

$100 entry is good through 5/27. After that, late entry is $120
Register Here

Hotel Code CJW for reduced rate of $199 per night

Competition is open to ALL registered USAW athletes

Awards for top 3 in each weight division and, by Sinclair for top 3 Masters, Juniors, Youth (M/F) and Best Lifter (M/F) in the Open Category

A USAW sanctioned meet and official qualifier for all national events.

Novice, Master, and Youth friendly.

The Hudson Valley Regional Open is open to youth, junior, senior, and master ages, and novice lifters. It is an open competition, so weight classes for youth will be slotted in to senior weight classes, however, USAW will give proper credit for the youth’s actual weight for the purpose of qualifying totals. 

This event is free for spectators. Please come and cheer on your friends, family, and peers. The preliminary schedule will be published closer to the event date based upon registrations

Clothing: A weightlifting singlet is mandatory, as per USAW/IWF rules. Please review the official guidelines

Refund Policy: There are no refunds allowed for this event. A valid USA Weightlifting membership is required to compete in this meet regardless of whether you’re competing in the Novice or Open category. You will need to present a digital or paper copy of your active USAW membership at the competition at weigh in.

Tentative Schedule

FEMALE: B session 6:00 AM 8:00 AM

FEMALE: A session 9:00 AM 11:00 AM 

MALE: B session 12:00 PM 2:00 PM

MALE: A session 2:45 PM 4:45 PM

2021 Hudson Valley open

The 2021 Hudson Valley Open is almost here!

Please note the updated session times. Updated as of 6/11/21.

  • Please remember to bring proof of current USAW Membership along with ID
  • All weigh ins will be in a singlet in an open area
  • Spectators can come (some room inside, more outside)

We are looking forward to hosting the Hudson Valley’s comeback to live weightlifting competitions.

Click here for the Start List

Onward We Tread

This pandemic has thrown everyone into a bizarro world.  There are real concerns on every side with understandable  anxiety and fear for our welfare – physically, mentally, financially and for our friends and families.  One thing weightlifting has taught me is that through stress, we can come out of a situation stronger.  We may take a beating for a time, but we usually  come out of it in a better place mentally and physically.

For a time, we were scared of losing the gym – our sanctuary.  Thankfully, we’re still there. In fact, after some tough losses, we’re starting to grow again.  There is real excitement and a great communal vibe in the air. With reduced capacity, masks, etc., we are not only managing, we are starting to thrive again and it feels great.  I am very excited about our new members and our vets that continue to put in the work and improve regularly.

Many pundits were writing off gyms after they were closed for so long and people set up home gyms to keep lifting.  The fact is a home gym is great, but it doesn’t give you the communal vibe that training together does.  We are communal by nature and do better when we’re around others who support us, push us to be better than we sometimes allow ourselves to be.  There is an undeniable energy that’s shared in a good gym.  It’s a great feeling to be training and coaching in a great gym.  We’re not only blessed with our team’s synergy, we also vibe off our extended family – Locomotive Fitness Co.  Come on down and join us. Be part of our renaissance.

Hudson Valley Open – Canceled

It pains us to announce that we have to cancel the Hudson Valley Open that was scheduled for 8/8/20.  We hope things get better soon.  As weightlifters, we are accustomed to the physical and mental challenges of our sport.  As we strengthen our minds and bodies in this environment, we also become stronger in handling many of life’s other curve balls.  Use that strength and a positive mindset to overcome this latest obstacle.

Thank you to all who have supported us.  We will be back hosting competitions! We hope that it can happen sooner than later.